History of Gengala

This year (2016) is our 60th year of breeding top quality show dogs.

The first article following was published in the 2000 edition of National Dog Annual. This is followed by a second article published in the 2006 edition of National Dog Annual and marked our fiftieth year in show dogs. In the ten years since then we have introduced Tibetan Terriers to Gengala with imports from both the UK and USA and the results have been spectacular. A brief summary of the past ten years follows these two articles.

The Supreme Champinnship Title

Very briefly, in Australia A Championship Title is earned by acquiring 100 Challenge Certificate points based on the number of dogs beaten to a maximum of 25 points per show.

The Supreme Title was introduced in July 2012 and requires 1000 points plus ten Best in Groups (Group1) or three Best in Shows all won under different judges.

In the three and a half years since its introduction of this title Gengala has made up seven Supreme Champions - three Afghans and four Tibetan Terriers.